Stian Westerhus and Pale Horses

“Dirty, physical music that never lets you forget that at the heart of it is a human being playing a slab of wood with some strings on it”. Stian’s 2010 solo CD on Rune
Grammofon Pitch Black Star Spangled brought out some interesting phrases in reviews: critics wrote about “anguished howls”, “forlorn melodies”, the “hiss and crackle of amps and pick-ups” and a “darkly beautiful experience”.

On stage Stian comes across as a fiercely uncompromising musician, totally in control of his instrument and his musical vision, unafraid to challenge himself and his audience. Off stage a broad smile, an infectious laugh and a gentle voice are a reminder that his music comes from a deeply creative spirit who is truly passionate about his music. A warm and generous musician respected by those he works with.

Vincent Heyvaert

Phone: +32 (0) 471 35 12 81