Slowly Rolling Camera

DIONNE BENNETT vocals, lyricist
DAVE STAPLETON composer, keyboards
DERI ROBERTS electronics, sound design

Slowly Rolling Camera formed in Cardiff in 2013 and brought together four wildly talented musicians from diverse backgrounds in vocalist & lyricist Dionne Bennett, composer / keyboardist Dave Stapleton, drummer Elliot Bennett and producer / sound design artist Deri Roberts. The result was a captivating hybrid of these influences: trip hop, jazz, soul, electronic music fused into a new and unique soundscape. The product was their eponymous album, released on Edition Records in February 2014, described by the Guardian as a ‘powerful newcomer with Rising Star written all over it. Superb!’.

Live, they’ve proved a phenomenon, wowing audiences from Cardiff to Hamburg and at high profile festivals including Umea Jazz Festival (SE), Love Supreme (UK), London Jazz Festival (UK) and Reeperbahn Festival (DE).

In May 2014 Slowly Rolling Camera released their album in Germany to overwhelming critically acclaim from specialist and national press. Praised for their heavy grooves, unleashed hooks and extremely emotional contrasts, the Deutschland Radio described the ‘way jazz and trip-hop merge in Slowly Rolling Camera’s music is genius’.

SRC have spent 2014 honing their music on the road and have recently returned to the studio to record a bold and striking four track EP, Into The Shadow, for release on 26th January 2015.

‘Into The Shadow’ continues to push the musical boundaries and there can only be excitement at where this young, immensely talented outfit can go next. But they remain rooted, however vaunting the ambition. As the band say: “If it moves you, it’s just good music”.

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‘Calls to mind the electronic soundscape makers like Cinematic Orchestra. This is heaven sent’. SHROPSHIRE STAR

‘A jazzed-up nu-soul affair which is stuffed with orchestral sweeps, Bristol-style trip-hop and ethereal drum and bass rhythms’. CRACK MAGAZINE

‘The lungful vocals of Dionne Bennett are a big hook, not least the refrain ‘you give me the air I need to breathe,’ … everything here sounds impeccable’. BUZZ MAGAZINE

‘They have a secret weapon in the shy, rangy figure of Dionne Bennett, whose versatility can rise from percussively playful jazzy soul to a belter of near Tina Turner-like proportions’. JAZZWISE

Jens Tytgat

Phone: +32 (0) 486 84 09 77